New Song – background story posted below the song lyrics. written for L, a young girl caught in prostitution that I met a few weeks ago on the streets of south LA.


Take me into your broken world

And let me hear the noise of life

Pounding at your walls, fighting to spring forth

verse 2:

Take me into your shattered heart

’til I can see the scattered pieces

Crawling on the ground, fighting to be restored


‘Cause I am strong enough to know

That your life is calling out for love

I’m awake enough to see that your faith is crying out

For freedom to believe…

verse 3:

Past the silence & noise

That drown your soul

In constant screams and silenced dreams

Waiting to unfold

verse 4:

Take me into your dormant cell

With its concrete walls & dead end halls

Where no one dares to dwell


‘Cause I am strong enough to know

That your life is calling out for love

I’m awake enough to see that your faith is crying out

For freedom to believe


When no one says you’re lovely you are

When no one says you’re priceless you are

When no one says you’re worth more than

The gold inside their hands, you are

‘Cause He says you are.

If you read my previous blog Theology From A Prostitute then you know this story. A few weeks ago I went out with a ministry I recently got connected with called “After Hours”. It’s a ministry to prostitutes on the streets of LA. On this night out we met a young girl, for the sake of this blog I will call L. As we walked up to her and her 2 friends they greeted us warmly as they recognized part of our team from a few weeks before. They accepted our gift bags and even asked us for prayer. From the moment we approached the girls L’s countenance stuck out to me. She seemed almost relieved to see us and had such a sense of urgency about her. As soon as we finished praying for all 3 of them she told her friends to go ahead without her so that she could stay and pray more with us. Her 2 friends walked away joking and laughing and flaunting their bodies at passing cars. L grabbed ahold of my hands and began to cry and pray. Her prayer sent shivers through my body and brought tears to my eyes. I can’t recall the exact wording but it was something to the effect of, “God save us from this lifestyle and show us that we are worth more than this. Show every girl out here that you love them and help us find a way out.” Her prayer went on for several minutes. Every word even more sincere and passionate than the last. When she finished praying, we prayed more for her and told her about a recovery home that we could send her to if she ever wanted out. But with not much thought her response was an abashed, “I can’t”. I could not get her off my mind as I drove home. It was quite apparent she had been raised in a Christian home or at least had some type of Christian influence. She knew the way out…she knew what to do yet refused to take those steps to freedom! She has been on my heart & in my prayers over the past several weeks. I”m praying we run into her on outreach again soon and I’m believing God that one day we will see her take the necessary steps to freedom from her life of prostitution.

Mandy Dobbelmann

Founder and editor of Forte E Bello. Mandy is writer, singer/songwriter, and music teacher with a love for life, people, adventure and living simply. She is passionate about using her gift for writing and music to be a voice for change.