DIY Pallet Headboard Tutorial

December 3, 2014 2 Comments

Here is the promised DIY Pallet Headboard Tutorial.

Materials you will need:
2 clean, non-fumigated pallet boards
Hammer and/or crowbar
Round Sander with both high grit and low grit sandpaper
1 jar of stain or white paint
A Paintbrush
Tape Measure and/or Level
4 2X4s cut to length

I used 2 pallet boards to make my headboard which I was lucky enough to have gotten free from a friend. I made sure to find pallets that were non-fumigated and safe for use in my home. Here is more info on how to determine if a pallet board is safe. I started by sanding down the boards with high-grit sand paper on a round sander. Once the boards were  smoothed out a bit I began prying up the pallets. This is no easy task and perhaps the hardest part of the whole project because you need to pry up the boards without splitting the wood. What I recommend is using a jigsaw to saw both edges of every board and a hammer and crow bar to pry up the center nails. Once I had all of the pallets off of the board I sanded them one more time with a low grit sand paper and then stained them with a dark walnut stain and a clear coat of Polyurethane. Other options would be to leave them their natural color or paint them white  (or any color of your choice).

Next I made the frame out of 4 2X4s. I had them cut down at The Home Depot, 2 to 60″ and 2 to 48″. I placed the 60″ boards horizontally 22″ apart from each other and then screwed in the 60″ boards vertically on each end (as you can see in the photo on the left below). You will definitely want a tape measure and/or level for this part. And finally I lined up all of the pallets on my frame in the position that I wanted them. I decided to stagger my pallets so that they would be uneven at the top. Once I had them all in place I drilled my wholes and attached the pallets using black screws that would blend in with the wood.
headboard-living-diy-forteebelloThat’s it! I hope this inspires some creativity for some of you. 🙂

Mandy Dobbelmann

Founder and editor of Forte E Bello. Mandy is writer, singer/songwriter, and music teacher with a love for life, people, adventure and living simply. She is passionate about using her gift for writing and music to be a voice for change.


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    December 4, 2014

    Looks good. Just for your info the photos were upside-down (first one) and side-ways in the email. Techy stuff can be a nightmare. My email is a gmail. Hope this is helpful to you. Have an awesome day!

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      Mandy Dobbelmann

      December 4, 2014

      Thanks Kevin! I noticed that too. Since they are straight in the actual post I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. Thanks a ton for the heads up though!